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The Portal - Comprehensive links for players of The Stone

Why did I do this? 1

- Time to collate Stoner sites containing only a few links, and fix broken ones
- Time to end out of date links in the FAQ -- The Portal can replace that set
- Personally wanted a DEFINITIVE, COMPREHENSIVE Stoner links site, separate from answer sites
- Backflip wasn't up to the task (but check it out if you haven't: http://www.backflip.com)
- Created myself a maintenance nightmare when I posted loads of links to loads of community sites, oops
- This can be the One Stop Shop -- THE PORTAL -- for all Stoners
- Ok, so I also wanted to play around with HTML. :)
- And for my next trick, cascading style sheets. Oo-err...
- FINALLY: this may be the twilight, but better to light one candle than curse the darkness
- Yay! Um, I mean "whoa!" ;-)
Stewart. (dswtan) :-)
58/58, 9/9, 38/38, 6.75/loads, 7/9, A44 7A2

Most of the links originally making up this site were harvested from established Stoner sites,
and it is thanks to them that this new site was given such a start.
Thank you to them. They are all listed.

And you will be rewarded.

If a useful site is missing or has changed state, please email Stewart Tansley (dswtan) A44 7A2

Last updated 2001-Jul-22

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The Portal materials are Copyright © 2001 Stewart Tansley
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