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Main - The key sites for all Stoners Top

Alive!The Stone FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, answered
Alive!The Commons - When broken, congregate here [Yahoo Group], Lodge members go here [Yahoo Group]
Alive!The Stone - The Game itself
Alive!The Immediate - Solve over a 100-and-counting puzzles towards the Enigma(?)
RestingThe Unknown - 9 *relatively* easy puzzles, free for all
RestingThe Movement - Solve up to 38 Stoner-authored puzzles [Now head to The Stone Unturned... see next]
Alive!The Stone Unturned - Stoner-authored puzzles WITH NEW ONES ALL THE TIME!!
New!Scarecrow's Field - New Stoner-authored puzzles (plus AWESOME reference databases!!)

[Note: The Stone (Abject) links assume you're already logged into The Stone in another window]

Community - Places to congregate, share stories, help each other, analyse, play Top

RestingThe Commons - Base Camp for all Stoners, first stop is the PG board [Recent technical problems here, so...]
New!Stoneplayers - New Yahoo Group for when The Commons are down
New!poobah's Playground - Another place to go for when The Commons are down. Wear shades! ;-)
Alive!lodgeofthestone - Yahoo Group for members of the Lodge only!
Alive!The Uncommons - A major hugfest and place to lighten-up :-) "Only a Stone's throw away!"
Alive!The Green - The Stone Unturned's very own bulletin board and nudge-exchange
Restingmanifestdestiny - Yahoo Group historically used for collaborative solving of new Immediate puzzles
RestingDisgruntled Stone Players - Lycos Club set up for whining, but now apathy dominates
RestingDark-o-Clock's Forum for The Stone - Old lycos Club sometimes used when The Commons are down (but now go to Stoneplayers)
RestingGears Behind The World - Very comprehensive boards prepared by PolarFlame in case The Commons dies
RestingThe Unofficial Newbie Stone Site - Timber's very unfinished newbie site
RIP?UK Stoners - Was the home base for all those mad UK Stoners!
RIP?The Quarry
- Was the online radio station for Stoners
RIP?Things Enigmatic To Discuss - Was Arthur's old discussion area
RIP?Ring of Stone - Was a webring of Stone links
RIP?The Stone Mailinglist - Was a listbot primarily for new puzzle announcements
RIP?subconsciouslip - Was a Yahoo Club for teenage Stoners
The Sissybar - The Lodge's *exclusive* tiki-bar! Members only, so no link, sorry! :-)
Alive!Stone Community Lists - Long list of Stoners, their Stone symbols and location [Welcome back!]
Alive!Romancing the Stone - TekBird's great analysis and fan site (includes the famous Community Lists)
Alive!The Pebble - Cool fan site linking the FAQ, Gallery, Unturned [Not the same as The Mighty Pebble, BTW]
RestingThe Mighty Pebble - Another MiCTLaN (comedic) masterpiece, now hosted by the wonderful Akee!
RIP?The Rally Site - Red Lethe's great community site (includes the famous Determinant)
RestingMiCTLaN's Community List - An early stab at a Community List

Alive!Stone Gatherings - Intended as a central place for Stone Gatherings
Alive!Photos: Stoners Picture Album - See the faces behind the names! Yikes! Gatherings too!
Alive!Photos: UK Stone Gatherings - UK Gatherings central archive
Alive!Photos: Winnipeg 2000 - Home of The Stone Gathering, Canada
Alive!Photos: Portia UK 2001 - Mini-gathering at Portia's place, UK
Alive!Photos: Poobah UK Grand Tour 2001 - Poobah's roving "the gathering comes to you!", UK
Alive!Photos: Red Fraggle's Home Page - UK gathering pictures and Poobah's tattoo!
Alive!Photos: Madcap's Gathering Photos - Miscellaneous!

[See also Tools] - Stone communities exist on ICQ and IRC, for example

Alive!Surrogate Stonemates - email and be connected with an experienced Stoner
Alive!Volunteer Stoners - email to offer yourself to adopt newbies

Nudges - Places to help (or sometimes cheat) yourself Top

New!Apepoo's World - New nudges for the Immediate and Unknown, monkey city!
RestingThe Illuminous - The Rally Site's nudge section
RIP?Nudgefest 2000
- Arthur's pretty good set of nudges [was incomplete but useful]
RIP?The Paradox - Zpyder's very useful nudge collection [decapitated, but was usable, now dead]
RestingThe Paradox (mirror) - Apparently a mirror of The Paradox [To Be Checked]
RestingStone Hints - Old nudges [To Be Checked]

[See also Community] - While the above can be useful, many nudges can be searched for in The Commons (PG)

Analysis - Places to delve deeper into the Enigma Top

New!Angus's Puzzle List - Handy comprehensive list of all the puzzles!
New!Poobah's Puzzle List - Handy list of all the SK puzzles
New!ctown's Puzzle List - Handy list of all the player-produced puzzles
Alive!The Determinant - ethelred's masterful analysis tool (see also Scarecrow's Field!)
Alive!MiCTLaN's Unofficial Fan Page - Great analysis site focusing on Black and White books, plus other goodies
Alive!Romancing the Stone - TekBird's great analysis and fan site (includes the famous Community Lists)
Alive!Smallkat's Stone Page - Smallkat's adorable weblog musings on the Stone (and life)
Alive!Trpl2u's Stone Pages - Trpl2u's extensive Stone pages [WARNING: contains spoilers]
RestingJim's Stone Observations Site - Various analysis musings [WARNING: contains spoilers]
RestingLeXman's Notes - Various analysis musings, with a very early stab at a Determinant
RestingThe Nominator - ethelred's masterful analysis tool, for The Unturned -- check out the others too!

Extensions - Beyond the Immediate, including player-produced puzzles and the Journey Top

New!Scarecrow's Field - New Stoner-authored puzzles (plus AWESOME reference databases!!)
Alive!The Stone Unturned - The original Stoner-authored puzzles!
RestingThe Movement - Solve up to 38 Stoner-authored puzzles [Now head to The Stone Unturned...]
Alive!The Alternate - Excellent new lighter Stone-style puzzles from The Perplexxed Ones
Alive!The Eventual - Spoof puzzles. Funny! :-)
Alive!Beale's Revenge - Another interesting puzzle from Perplexxed!
RIP?The Mine - Atom Gold's own puzzle site
RIP?Arabanth - Star Wars themed puzzles in the Stone style
New!Journey Jigsaw - Meritor's jigsaw page, with zoom capability! (appropriately roving URL!)
RIP?The Shards - Includes the Journey Jigsaw, gathering all the Journey pieces and stories together!
Alive!The Last Supper - By Leonardo -- cf. the Journey Jigsaw...
Alive!The Dutch Journey - Not yet on The Shards... (not official)
RestingBuried Clues - The main Journey site at The Stone [presumed on hold]
RestingJourney at MiCTLaN's site - Incomplete, but complementary status reports
RIP?UK Journey - The UK Journey story, gone?
RIP?Journey Mailinglist - Was here, apparently

Tools - Supplementary programs and stuff for Stoning (see below for Search Engines) Top

Alive!ICQ - Instant messaging with community features, head for the Stone's Active List #48726530 ( on PCs
Alive!IRC - Online live chat, head for the Stone's channel at #thestone on any DALnet server

[See also Yahoo IM, AOL AIM, MSN Messenger, et al] - These are more spontaneously and sporadically used

Engines - Search Engines are critical for efficient Stoning Top

Alive!Google - Has become the most comprehensive and clever single-site search engine, even works for lyrics!
Alive!Metacrawler - Still nice for phrases as well as general searches, multi-engine search
Alive!Alta Vista - Shadow of its former self, but good controllability and topic searches
Alive!Yahoo - Definitive hierarchical search engine aka directory
Alive!About - Definitive hierarchical content site
Alive!Copernic - Multiple-engine search in real-time in a standalone application. Very cool.
Alive!Sherlock - Mac-specific quasi-Copernic. Mentioned because Copernic stopped Mac development. :-(

There are many other search engines. If you really want more:
Alive!Google Engines Directory  - Get your search engines!
Alive!Google Hierarchical Engines Directory - Get your Yahoo-like hierarchical engines!

Topics - The best sources of information on the web for Stoning Top

Alive!Encyclopedia: Britannica - THE definitive encyclopedia, alas full text no longer free
Alive!Encyclopedia: .com - Not as good as Britannica, but free!
Alive!Encyclopedia: Encarta - Ditto
Alive!Encyclopedia: Columbia - Ditto
Alive!Encyclopedia: Britannica 1911 - Ok, this one is free, but a little dated!

Alive!Info: Great Books Online - Wonderful collection of classic books online (ref, verse, fiction, non) at Bartleby
New!Info: Concordances of Great Books - Great place to search the full text of classic books, plus crossword solver, dictionary, etc.
Alive!Info: Electric Library - Handy set of references and search, but no longer free
Alive!Info: Lycos InfoPlease - On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
Alive!Info: Yahoo! Reference - Comprehensive collection of basic reference sources
Alive!Info: Research-It! - All sorts of goodies! (was Research-It)
Alive!Info: Coolest reference sites - Nice list
Alive!Info: - Encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
Alive!Info: Flags - Flags of the World (rather a lot!)

Alive!Language: Merriam-Webster - Great US English dictionary and thesaurus
Alive!Language: Roget's Thesaurus Alphabetical Index - Synonym city
Alive!Language: AltaVista Translations - The Babelfish at AltaVista
Alive!Language: Google Translations - Google's language tools
Alive!Language: InterTran - Another free translator
Alive!Language: Anagram Tools Directory - Google directory of Anagram tools
Alive!Language: Internet Anagram Server - One of many anagram solvers
Alive!Language: Familiar Quotations - A Collection of Passages, Phrases, and Proverbs, John Bartlett, 10th ed 1919
Alive!Language: Hieroglyphs - Downloadable Hieroglyph Library

Alive!History: A Moment In Time - History radio programme with Dan Roberts
Alive!History: TheHistoryNet - Where History Lives on the Web
Alive!History: The History Channel - Excellent TV channel, with search
Alive!History: The History Buff - Unexpected part of Discovery channel

New!Numbers: Integer Sequences - Cool tool for checking integer sequences
Alive!Numbers: Maths Encyclopedia - Mathworld at Wolfram Research (Mathematica)
Alive!Numbers: Magic Figures - Magic Squares, Triangles, Cubes, and Hypercubes
Alive!Numbers: Maths Games and Puzzles - All sorts!

Alive!Science: Periodic Table - Comprehensive table of chemical elements
Alive!Science: Classic Chemistry - Interesting chemisty and science history site
Alive!Science: The DNA Learning Center - Nice, but heavyweight
Alive!Science: - Start here for astronomical stuff

Alive!Maps: PCL Map Collection - The wonderful Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at UTexas
Alive!Maps: National Geographic - Lots of maps
Alive!Maps: USGS Online Map Lists - Nice maps from the nice US government
Alive!Maps: Cartographic Images - Lots of maps, including ancient ones
Alive!Maps: HRW Atlas - Lots of maps
Alive!Maps: Map Locator - You want more maps?

New!Art: Art-Bridge - General Art resources portal
Alive!Art: WebMuseum - See especially the Famous Paintings section
Alive!Art: - A guide to modern art museums
Alive!Art: WWW Art Resources - Weird art site
Alive!Art: Portraits - Long list of historical portraits

Alive!Music: Google Lyrics Directory - If Google itself no good, try a site in its directory
Alive!Music: International Lyrics Server - A lyrics search engine, now only in German? Just use Google...
Alive!Music: Let's Sing It - Another lyrics site
Alive!Music: Hitlist Front Page - Just another lyrics site

Alive!Special: Encyclopedia Mythica - An encyclopedia of mythology, folklore and legend
Alive!Special: Calenders Thru the Ages - Neat calendar site!
Alive!Special: Roman Numerals & Date Converter - Just what it says, nice
Alive!Special: Works of Shakespeare - Nice Shakespeare site
Alive!Special: (Not) Complete Works of Shakespeare - You need more Shakespeare?
Alive!Special: Smithsonian Institution - Useful specialised info
Alive!Special: UnMuseum - Weird stuff
Alive!Special: Inventors at - Good example of About's range and capabilities
Alive!Special: The Engines of Our Ingenuity - Interesting site of cool stuff
Alive!Special: The Telson Spur - Interesting site of cool stuff... for Snark Hunters!
Alive!Special: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Self explanatory
Alive!Special: Artcom Museum Tour - Over 1700 US museums online
Alive!Special: Discovery Channel - Excellent TV channel, with search
Alive!Special: IMDb - The Internet Movie Database
Alive!Special: Trivia - Trivia from Uselessknowledge

Misc - Other sites of interest to the Stoner kommunity ! Top

Alive!Netfysh's Stone Stuff - Mixture of stuff here, and still sells The Stone! [June 2003]
Alive!Four Fat Chicks review - The Stone at Four Fat Chicks
RIP?Where can I buy a Stone? - Just go to Netfysh! (above)
RIP?Firebox review - Was a review of The Stone at Firebox (ex-Hotbox)
RIP?Amazon review - The Stone at
Alive!Marchnoir stone jewelry - Get yer fancy pendants here!

Alive!Abject - Inventors and (present?) owners of The Stone
RIP?Lost Lil' Alien - One of Abject's simplified Stone-like games for littl'uns
RIP?Earthlings Beyond - The other of Abject's simplified Stone-like games for littl'uns
Alive!Intrinsix - Original web designers for The Stone
RestingDark Century - Intrinsix's new post-Stone game, under development forever
Alive!Pyroto Mountain - A lot of Stoners love this online game, sometimes swapping Stone ideas here
Alive!Planetarium - Excellent story puzzle game from 1999 which some Stoners enjoyed, still playable
Alive!Timehunt - Very cool Stone-like puzzle game from 2002, still playable

RestingThe Hock Report - Dark-O-Hock's Stone site (misc)
RestingAsk the SKs - The Quarry's old Ask The SKs page [in stasis]
RestingLittle Den of Darkness - Spooky links, maybe useful
RestingExpecting The Stone - More spooky links, maybe useful
RestingMetropol - Old, tiny but not unuseful bit of advice on puzzle-solving
RIP?Simon's Reference Guide - Mixture of stuff here [old]
RIP?Palisi's Page - Was here, apparently
RIP?Meritor's Crazy Stonepages - Was a fan site linking the Journey, and much fun stuff!
RIP?thE SOuNdTrack - Was a nice collection of specially-composed puzzle-solving music by Phonos...
Alive!Adam Rowe @ - ...Yay! Some of it is now here. :-) Well done Phonos!
Alive!Crooty's Fantasy Book Database - What some Stoners get up to in their spare time...

Alive!SETI At Home group for The Stone - Join fellow Stoners in the search for ET and other random aliens!
Alive!UD Cancer Research group for The Stone - Join fellow Stoners in the search for a cure for cancer!

Alive!The Long Now - It's about TIME. A *lot* of TIME!
Alive!The Megalith Map - It's about STONES. A *lot* of STONES!
Alive!Pi Day - It's about Pi. A *lot* about Pi!
Alive!Dirk - It's about connections. A *lot* of connections!
Alive!Ducks - If you miss The Journey and like The Web, then this may be for you! :-)
Alive!Duct Tape - For more fans of The Web :-)
Alive!Enigma US - The German cryptographic machine one, at the US NSA museum
Alive!Enigma UK - Where Enigma was decoded, UK
Alive!Apostrophe Protection Society - The most abused punctuation mark on the planet :-/
ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO USALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US - Because they do and it's cool, so there! :-P

New!New entry!   Alive!Live, useful/entertaining   RestingDormant/quiet, but still worthwhile   RIP?Dead site :-( May return? :-)

Wait. Watch. Wonder.

If a useful site is missing or has changed state, please email Stewart (dswtan) A44 7A2

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